A prophetic dream helped a man become a millionaire

The man entered the numbers he dreamed of in a lottery ticket and won 178 million rubles sleep. This is reported by the UPI news agency.

The man said that for several years he used the same set of numbers that he once dreamed of while playing the lottery.

“It's difficult believe it, but many years ago I dreamed of the numbers that I wrote on the lottery ticket, and since then I have used them in reality, ”said the Australian. He stressed that it was a very vivid dream, and in a dream the numbers helped him hit the jackpot and get rich. “It looked like an omen,” the man said. The Australian used these numbers to fill out a ticket for the next draw and won the first prize as a result. He hit the jackpot of AU $ 3.4 million (RUB 178.3 million).

“In the morning I went to a grocery store and decided to check the results of the draw. When I scanned the ticket, the winning amount did not appear, and I decided that I must have won something good. I went straight to the lottery head office and found out the exact amount, “he said.

The winner said that he and his wife are still working, but will now be able to switch to a shorter working day or retire. “This means that we no longer have to work if we don’t want to. We will help the children, and the rest will be used to truly enjoy life, “- said the Australian.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the American city of Hamtramck, Michigan, bought a winning lottery ticket and became a millionaire on the next the day after he dreamed that he hit the jackpot and got rich. He said that he often buys lottery tickets, despite the fact that his wife is skeptical about such entertainment.



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