The reason for the withdrawal of Ukraine from the CIS is named

Political scientist Bortnik: Ukraine left the CIS, as the structure was moving towards decline This reason for Ukraine's withdrawal from the Commonwealth was named by the director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management Ruslan Bortnik, RIA Novosti reports.

The political scientist believes that the CIS is incapable of solving problems in the post-Soviet space. According to him, other countries, including Georgia, stop their participation in the Commonwealth for the same reasons.

“Initially, the CIS was conceived as a new union, a confederal union. But then the CIS countries fled to different rooms. One of the key factors in this was the quality of the Russian leadership of the 1990s. This is the war in Chechnya and the shooting of the White House in Moscow, ”the expert explained.

At the same time, Bortnik noted that Ukraine was not a full-fledged member of the CIS, because Kiev only ratified the agreement on the creation of the CIS, but did not ratify the charter of the Commonwealth. He recalled that in general, Ukraine completed the process of participation in the unification back in 2014, and now the process of denunciation of agreements and treaties is being completed.

Ukraine began the process of withdrawing from cooperation agreements within the CIS after the coup d'etat in February 2014 of the year. In August 2018, Ukraine closed its representative office at the statutory and other bodies of the CIS in Minsk.

Earlier, Kiev had already terminated its participation in the CIS airspace agreement, the agreement on the implementation of an agreed antimonopoly policy and in the agreement on cooperation of the border troops of the states CIS in research activities. In addition, at the beginning of July 2020, Ukraine withdrew from the agreement on the creation of the Council of Heads of Financial Intelligence Units of the CIS Member States, and in November 2020 it ceased participation in the agreement “On Improving Settlements between Economic Organizations of the Organization's Member States”.



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