Trump predicted defeat for Biden in negotiations with Putin

Former President Trump called the talks between leaders Biden and Putin an unequal match for the United States

Former US President Donald Trump commented on future talks Joe Biden with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. He predicted defeat for the American side on the Newsmax TV channel.

Trump called the negotiations between Biden and Putin an unequal match for the United States and added that even at the best time, if he had negotiated with the Russian leader, they would have ended unsuccessfully for States.

“The [US presidential] election was stolen, this is what we got as a result. This match shouldn't have been allowed at all. It's like putting the New England Patriots against a school team, “the ex-president emphasized.

The politician added that he himself took tough actions against Russia, although he liked Putin. “No one was as tough with Russia as I was,” concluded Trump.

Earlier it became known that Biden would talk with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after negotiations with Putin. The American leader will hold consultations with his colleague and report on the results of the conversation with the Russian leader.

The talks between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will take place in the evening on December 7. They will be held in secure video communication mode. The leaders themselves will appoint a convenient time for the conversation. The presidents are expected to discuss tensions around Ukraine and NATO's advance towards Russia's borders.