The doctor advised Russians to buy a number of products for the New Year in advance

Nutritionist Zolotarev urged Russians to purchase caviar and canned food in advance for the New Year's table

Nutritionist, nutritionist Andrey Zolotarev said menu for the New Year. In an interview with radio Sputnik, he told which products can be purchased a month before the holiday, and which ones – two weeks.

The specialist advised Russians to buy a number of products for the New Year in advance, since at the end of December there are long queues in stores , which is dangerous to health during a pandemic. In particular, he urged to buy caviar, peas, corn, olives and other canned food for the New Year's table not at the very last moment.

“You can buy some alcoholic drinks, at the moment they will be a little more profitable than right before the New Year. Sweets, sweets and hard cheeses can also be bought today, “- said the nutritionist.

Two weeks before the New Year, Zolotarev advised buying salted fish and smoked products.

” Producers most often make fish of weak salting, for this reason, on the one hand, it is very tasty and does not contain a lot of salt, and on the other hand, it will not survive until the New Year. Therefore, it is advisable to buy fish or smoked meats two weeks before the holiday, “the expert concluded.

The medic also reminded of the need to observe the mask regime and social distance in stores.



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