The lawyer commented on the appeal to check the creativity of Noize MC and Oksimiron

Lawyer Igor Trunov said that the check of Noize MC and Oksimiron cannot be revoked MC and Oksimiron on extremism, which was called a joke by the author of the request itself. The expert's assessment is cited by radio Sputnik.

Speaking about the withdrawal of the statement, the lawyer noted that this is only possible with private matters. “Here we are talking about the rehabilitation of Nazism and extremist activities, so the statement can no longer be withdrawn. The UK has the right to verify these facts. The question is why the UK conducts checks selectively – they checked it, they didn’t check it, how to understand you? If we are to check, then all. Such selective practice is vicious, “Trunov summed up.

Earlier in December, the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to check the activities of Noize MC and Oksimiron. As noted in the official message of the Investigative Committee, the reason for studying the creativity of hip-hop artists was the appeal of the “initiative group of patriots.” He wrote about this in his blog on Livejournal, admitting that he had invented an appeal by a “group of patriots” as a joke. He also asked not to check the musicians' creativity.