A vacancy with a salary of 400 thousand rubles has been named

“Rabota.ru”: an architect of microservices can receive 400 thousand rubles a month microservices, they are ready to pay him from 400 thousand rubles. This is stated in the research “Raboty.ru”, reports TASS.

The duties of a specialist include the creation of the target architecture, the formation of digital artifacts of the conceptual architecture, the responsibility for the development of detailed architecture by teams. A programmer of mobile applications can receive a salary of 380 thousand rubles, and 360 thousand rubles are offered to a nanny-governess. The candidate needs to have a higher pedagogical education, provide full care and educate two children six and ten years old.

A technical director of an advertising and production company can count on 300 thousand rubles, a cosmetologist and a service engineer for 250 thousand … About 200 thousand rubles are offered to an orthopedic dentist, stone master and marketer.

Earlier it was reported that over the past 11 years, the gap in salary expectations of men and women in Russia has decreased from 15 to six percent. Despite this, women still rarely dare to ask for more money than men, experts say. The largest gap in salary expectations for men and women is observed among business analysts and programmers.