Areas of Moscow with the most expensive rental housing identified

Presnensky District topped the rating of Moscow locations with the highest rental rates rubles a month, according to “Vedomosti” with reference to the data of the service “Yandex.Real estate”. The district topped the rating of locations in the capital with the highest rental rates.

The Khamovniki district is in second place, and the outskirts of Tverskaya Street are in third place: in both locations, the average rate for one-room apartments is 90 thousand rubles, the analyst determined. In their opinion, the high cost of renting apartments in the Presnensky District is explained by the active replenishment of the supply with expensive objects in the skyscrapers of Moscow City.

According to Avito Nedvizhimost, in Moscow as a whole, rental rates for apartments for the year increased by 31 percent. In the last quarter alone, the cost of rent increased by 13 percent, to 36 thousand rubles for a “one-room apartment” and 55 thousand for two-room options.

Experts explain the increase in rates by a general increase in prices in the real estate market, rising prices for building materials, and rising wages for workers , rates on deposits and mortgages. In addition, the dynamics of rental rates was influenced by a decrease in the volume of supply in a number of districts of the city.

Earlier it became clear that tenants in large regional centers of Russia are ready to pay an average of 24 thousand rubles per month for rental housing. More than half of the tenants of rental apartments would not like to enter into a lease agreement with an annual indexation of rates.