Forecaster predicted a new record for precipitation on December 7

Phobos forecaster Leus predicted the setting of a new record for precipitation on December 7

Leading specialist of the Phobos center Mikhail Leus rekor announced the possible establishment of a new on precipitation on December 7. According to him, the expected amount of snow on this day could be 15 millimeters. This is 2.3 points higher than the set record for precipitation on December 7, 1949. The forecaster said this in an interview with

The temperature on December 7 will be above normal, Leus said. This will be facilitated by a Balkan cyclone from the southwest, he added. Sleet is expected in the metropolitan area. According to Leus's forecast, in Moscow a day can fall from 10 to 15 millimeters of precipitation, which is almost a quarter of the monthly norm.

“There is a lot of precipitation. Perhaps we will get close to the record. We have a record amount of precipitation for this day is 12.7 mm, it was recorded in 1949, “Leus shared.

Earlier, the leading specialist of Phobos told about the weather for the next three days in the central part of the European the territory of Russia: a Balkan cyclone will pass over the country, it will bring a large amount of precipitation and a cooling. “Tomorrow Russia will fall under the influence of another Balkan cyclone, which will come from the southwest. There is a lot of moisture in it, since it was born in the seaside region, “- said the meteorologist.



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