The Russians named the most beautiful salt lakes in the country the most picturesque salt lakes in Russia are the Crimean lakes Koyashskoye and Sasyk-Sevash , Astrakhan region and Altai Territory. This became known from the results of a survey of network users, which conducted the vacation rental service.

Thus, the majority of respondents (43 percent) agreed that such Crimean lakes as Koyashskoye, Sasyk-Sevash , Saki, Chokrak and Moinak are the most beautiful mineralized reservoirs. Another 16 percent of Russians noted the picturesqueness of the salt lakes of the Astrakhan region – Baskunchak and Tinaki. The Altai Territory was in third place – lakes Bolshoye Yarovoye, Solenoye, Kulundinskoye, Malinovoye and Gorkoye each got 11 percent of the vote.

For Lake Razval (Orenburg region) 11 percent of the poll participants also voted; Elton, Bukhulta and Botkul (Volgograd region) were chosen by 7 percent of Russians, Tambukan (Stavropol Territory) and Uchum (Krasnoyarsk Territory) – 4 percent each. The reservoirs of the Krasnodar Territory (Salt, Khan), Novosibirsk (Gorkoe) and Omsk regions (Ebeity, Ulzhai) were noted by two percent of respondents.

Earlier in September, Russians named the country's best lakes for travel in the fall. So, the most popular body of water for travel is Lake Ladoga in Karelia and the Leningrad Region. In addition, tourists noted Lake Baikal in Buryatia, Koyashskoe lake in the Crimea and Seydozero in the Murmansk region.