Reshetova justified her new faith

Anastasia Reshetova: religion, nationality and citizenship are completely different things new religion. The relevant stories appeared on her Instagram page.

One of the subscribers asked the 25-year-old celebrity why she calls herself Russian and at the same time observes fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. “People, remember that religion, nationality and citizenship are different things that can be combined in completely different ways,” the model emphasized.

In addition, in one of the published stories, Reshetova admitted that she is proud of her origin. “It doesn't matter where I live and what language I speak. My homeland raised me and will forever remain in my heart, “said the entrepreneur.

The fact that Anastasia Reshetova converted to Islam became known from her Instagram account in early October. “I didn’t become a Muslim because of a man. A person himself must come to such a decision, and not with the help of someone from outside. As for me, a decision cannot be sincere if it was influenced by someone, “she explained and noted that she completely gave up alcohol and took up the study of the Koran in earnest.



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