Russian cardiologist named factors that increase the risk of thrombosis

Cardiologist Sergeeva: damage to the inner lining of a vessel can lead to a blood clot

The presence of one of the factors that increase the risk of blood clots puts a person at risk. Three deviations of the cardiovascular system, which can lead to negative consequences, said the cardiologist at the SM-Clinic Daria Sergeeva, her words are quoted by Izvestia.

Three factors leading to the formation of a blood clot are called “ Virchow triad ”, the specialist noted. These include damage to the inner lining of the vessel, slowing down the blood flow in the vessel, and increasing the activity of the blood coagulation system.

Sergeeva explained that after 40 years, the risk of thrombosis increases. In addition, it is susceptible to sedentary people who are obese, as well as taking oral contraceptives and hormones.

The likelihood of blood clots is also worth paying attention to in case of varicose veins of the lower extremities, pregnancy, cancer and pulmonary pathologies.

Earlier, nutritionist Tatyana Zaletova named foods that increase the risk of thrombosis after COVID-19. In addition, she ranked the risks of taking drugs that increase blood clotting.