Bumble CEO is no longer billionaire

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolf Heard's Wealth Falls Below $ 1 Billion company shares. Forbes estimates that 32-year-old Hurd is now worth less than $ 1 billion and is estimated at about $ 940 million.

In early November, Bumble released its third quarter financials, after which the shares plummeted 26 percent. The company reported a drop in the number of users, while the number of users who pay for a subscription fell from 2.93 million to 2.87 million in three months. In general, the service planned to attract 87 thousand new subscribers, but the real figure was only 60 thousand.

The company's shares, which at their peak in February cost $ 78.89, were already worth $ 60 by September, and in November fell sharply. Now one security costs $ 34.63.

Moreover, back in February, when the dating service went public, it was estimated at $ 8.2 billion. The company sold shares above the expected price range and raised over $ 2 billion in investment. Herd's fortune has grown to $ 1.6 billion, making her the youngest female billionaire to make her own money.



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