Zelensky accused of playing on the feelings of Ukrainians

Former People's Deputy of Ukraine Khlan: when speaking about the war, President Zelensky played on the feelings of society “OUR” accused President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of coming to power, playing on the feelings of Ukrainians and cynically using the theme of war, which was in demand at that time.

In his opinion, another six months or a year will pass and no one will listen to the head of state. The politician noted that Zelensky's statements completely differ over time.

“The topic of war for Zelensky has absolutely faded into the background, this is due to the fact that he is now passing the equator of the presidency. It seems to me that Zelensky used the war theme cynically to come to power. He confidently said that his mission was to end the war. And then he played on the feelings of society, because it was most in demand, “- said the ex-People's Deputy.

Earlier, the leader of the Ukrainian party” Nashi “Yevgeny Muraev said that while compatriots are at war with each other, no what the future of the country can not be said. In his opinion, it is necessary to change the governance model in the state, since the existence of a bicameral parliament will help in solving a number of problems.



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