Wealth worth 12 million rubles was taken from a private house near St. Petersburg

REN TV: in the Leningrad region a thief stole a safe with decorations and car keys from a private house from a private house near St. Petersburg. This is reported by REN TV.

According to the TV channel, on Monday, November 29, a thief squeezed out a double-glazed window and entered a house on Pushkinskaya Street in the village of Nizino, Leningrad Region. From there, the criminal brought out a safe, which contained jewelry with diamonds, a gold watch, car keys, a gold coin, documents and about 400 thousand rubles in cash. The total amount of the theft was 12.4 million rubles.

During the investigation, a service dog found a safe with signs of a burglary 150 meters from the crime scene. A criminal case has been initiated into the incident, and the search for the criminal is currently underway.

In October, Russian woman Olga Zykova stole from a jewelry store in Nizhny Novgorod in front of customers. Surveillance footage posted online showed a woman standing behind a shop counter and putting jewelry in a bag. She robbed the boutique despite the presence of customers and other employees in the mall. In total, she managed to collect several gold jewelry with diamonds worth ten million rubles.