Volochkova condemned Bilan's drunken speech

Anastasia Volochkova criticized Dima Bilan for a drunken concert This is reported by Vechernyaya Moskva.

“I have an extremely negative attitude to this story, because an artist must respect his audience and perform with dignity in front of him. Of course, singing with a microphone in your hand to a soundtrack while drunk is one thing, but doing complex pirouettes and scratching with your feet, not your tongue, is completely different. Ballet dancers never allow themselves to go out to people drunk – this is something from the world of fantasy, “- said the ballerina.

She criticized Bilan's behavior and noted that performing at a private event is not an excuse for him deed. Volochkova recalled that she had celebrated her 35th birthday in the Kremlin, and then Bilan “came out and sang beautifully.” The ballerina emphasized that he may well perform without alcohol.

Earlier, the Kazakh blogger Birzhan Ashim published on his page a video of Bilan performing at a drunken wedding. He called the musician “stoned” and said that Bilan was drunk. The artist had difficulty talking with the audience and did not get to the beat of the melody. After the concert, the performer turned to the fans, asked them for forgiveness and burst into tears.

Later, Bilan clarified that he had not slept for three days before going on stage and was very tired. As the artist specified, his experiences were associated with the life of a colleague, singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, who died on November 28.



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