Ukrainians owe millions of dollars

In Ukraine, wage arrears amounted to 4 billion hryvnia ) on November 1. This is stated on the website of the State Statistics Service (Gosstat) of the country.

The figure is 50 percent more than at the beginning of this year. More than three quarters of the debt fell on industry (76.50 percent). More than half of the total debt is concentrated in Donetsk (25.1 percent), Kharkiv (13.2 percent), Dnipropetrovsk (11.9 percent) regions and Kiev (13.6 percent).

Average nominal wages a full-time employee of enterprises, institutions and organizations in October amounted to a little more than 14 thousand hryvnia (about $ 520). Compared to October last year, the average salary in the country increased by 15.4 percent.

The wage arrears in Russia as of May 1, 2021 amounted to more than 1.5 billion rubles. Compared to the level of April 1, the total debt decreased by 10.3 percent, or 178.1 million rubles.



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