The woman has transformed beyond recognition and angered subscribers with her youth

A blogger from the United States made nude makeup and rejuvenated beyond recognition. … The Sun journalists drew attention to the video published on TikTok.

First, the American Chloe showed her face without make-up. The footage shows numerous wrinkles on the woman's face. Then the user applied nude makeup, styled her hair and put on a light blue top. The blogger showed that her skin became smoother and her complexion evened out, which made her look younger. “Yes, they are the same person. How many times do I have to say this? I'm just a transformer, “she signed the post.

The video with Chloe's transformation went viral and gained 2.4 million views and 19.8 thousand likes. Subscribers felt that the blogger had changed beyond recognition, and scolded her for trying to deceive them. “This is your mother”, “This is definitely a mother and daughter”, “No, I don’t believe in it, excuse me”, “Why are you trying to make fools of us? It can be seen that at the beginning of the video you are not “,” You began to look too young “,” I do not understand how this is possible. There are two completely different people in the video, “they said.

In October, subscribers called the change in the blogger's appearance after makeup magic. First, blogger Ciara Owens starred without makeup, posing in home clothes and glasses. After that, the girl applied a bright make-up in the style of smoky eyes to her face, and also painted her lips with lipstick in nude shades. In addition, she let her hair down, put on piercings and a crop top with a deep neckline.