The State Duma announced the destabilization of Ukraine in Kiev itself

State Duma deputy Zatulin: the situation in Ukraine will be destabilized in Kiev, not in Moscow and relations with compatriots Konstantin Zatulin in a conversation with “” said that the situation in Ukraine would be destabilized in Kiev itself, and not in Moscow.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in an interview with the German newspaper Die Zeit that Russia is “pulling troops” to the Ukrainian borders, which is a “real threat.” The minister also said that Moscow is trying to destabilize Ukraine and Europe. Readers of the newspaper in the comments called Kuleba's statements “hysteria”.

The devil is happening that

“This hysteria is not the first day, and it is involved in internal political circumstances. If the president of the country has already publicly accused [Ukrainian businessman Rinat] Akhmetov and others of preparing a conspiracy, moreover, he names the dates when an attempted coup should take place, and other persons involved in the political process state before that that they are going to introduce martial law today and tomorrow, then , in fact, what refutations are needed? Ukraine itself destabilizes Ukraine “, – said the deputy Zatulin.

He noted that there are indeed signs of a revolutionary situation in what is happening in Ukraine, however, according to him, it is not clear what Russia has to do with it: “Mr. -What is it: the political elite of Ukraine has got confused, has reached a dead end and is implementing a completely unviable scenario of transforming Ukraine into a unitary state, anti-Russian, and on this basis it considers it possible to consolidate Ukraine. This leads to the deepest splits between the government and the people, within the government itself, and so on. ” fixed the Minsk agreements, Zatulin notes, but, in his opinion, this is not enough for Ukraine. “They don’t need this, because it’s important for them, in fact, that everything should be arranged as before: some could steal, others manage, and sometimes – more often than not – these functions are mixed,” the deputy concluded.



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