The rarest coin worth 25 million rubles was found in a candy jar

The rarest American shilling was sold at auction for 25 million rubles million rubles). This is reported by the Associated Press.

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Briton Wentworth Beaumont found hundreds of old coins in a candy can, which was kept in a family mansion in England. In one of them, experts recognized a perfectly preserved silver shilling minted in Boston in 1652 – one of the first coins issued in colonial America. Also in the bank were two continental dollars of 1776 and a bronze medal Libertas Americana, made in 1781 in memory of the American Revolution.

a deplorable state. During the auction, the value of the lot exceeded expectations by 50 thousand dollars (3.7 million rubles) and went to an anonymous buyer from the United States who made bids via the Internet. Continental dollars went for 80 thousand dollars (about six million rubles), and more than 17 thousand dollars (1.3 million rubles) were raised for the medal.

Beaumont suspects that the coins and medal could belong to someone from his American ancestors, among whom was one of the first settlers in New Hampshire, William Wentworth. Apparently, later one of his descendants returned to England and took the coins with him.

Earlier it was reported that a large treasure of medieval coins was discovered in the vicinity of the Slovak city of Piestany. The discovery was made by a tourist who noticed uneven silver plates depicting a dragon under the roots of a felled tree.