The Ministry of Health announced the effectiveness of vaccination against the omicron strain of COVID-19

Specialist of the Ministry of Health Drapkina: vaccination will protect against a severe course of the disease with “omicron” diseases when infected with the omicron strain. This was stated by the director of the National Medical Research Center of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the chief freelance specialist in therapy and general medical practice of the Ministry of Health Oksana Drapkina on the air of the YouTube channel Soloviev LIVE.

According to her, scientists around the world understand that the vaccine is effective against the new strain. It will protect a person from a severe course and death, a specialist from the Ministry of Health explained.

Rospotrebnadzor said that a new version of COVID-19 has not been found in Russia. At the Gamaleya Center, Russians were urged not to panic over the omicron strain, as the country retains all preventive measures against COVID-19, including wearing masks, primary and booster vaccinations.

New COVID strain -19 under the code B.1.1.529 was detected in South Africa on November 11, isolated cases were also recorded in Japan, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Egypt, Austria and other countries. The World Health Organization recognized this option as dangerous and warned that the risk of infection with a new strain in patients with coronavirus may be higher.



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