The gynecologist named ways to facilitate long periods

Gynecologist Shulakova: correct regimen, sleep and rest will help to ease the course of menstruation Ekaterina Shulakova, in an interview with, named ways to alleviate heavy or prolonged periods in women.

According to the doctor, normal menstruation lasts no more than eight days with a gradual decrease in the volume of discharge. She noted that prolonged and heavy menstruation can occur due to some gynecological diseases. The specialist allowed the intake of hemostatic drugs, but noted that this should take place under the close supervision of a doctor and it will work only in the case of objectively pathological menstruation. She also stressed that although such funds will help to cope with heavy bleeding, they will not be able to solve the problems underlying it.

The gynecologist said that the correct regimen, proper sleep and rest will also help to facilitate the course of menstruation, and also exclusion from life of stress and heavy physical exertion.

Earlier it became known that in Pennsylvania, 25-year-old Missy Dippner, whose chances of giving birth were estimated by doctors at one percent, found out about pregnancy. She was 17 when she was diagnosed with premature menopause. According to the doctors, the girl's ovaries were half the norm for her age. Then the American woman was told that the probability that she will become pregnant naturally is only one percent.



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