The future German chancellor advocates compulsory vaccination

Bild: SPD leader Olaf Scholz supports compulsory COVID-19 vaccination in Germany (SPD), as well as the future chancellor of the republic, Olaf Scholz, said that he supports compulsory vaccination against COVID for German citizens. The Bild edition writes about this.

He also called on the heads of the federal states of Germany from the SPD to support this innovation. However, according to Bild, the current ruling burgomaster of Berlin, also a member of the SPD, Michael Müller, expressed concern about the project of compulsory vaccination of all categories of the population.

Earlier it became known that a bill was put forward in neighboring Austria Those who do not want to get vaccinated against coronavirus face a fine of 3600 euros, and for refusing to pay it, you can go to prison for four months. For repeat offenders, the amount of the fine will double – up to 7200 euros.



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