The Federation Council announced the violation by the United States of agreements in the expulsion of diplomats

Senator Klimov: The United States is violating agreements when expelling Russian diplomats ru “that the US is violating the established agreements, forcing Russian diplomats to leave the United States.

” The Americans have set conditions under which our diplomats, a large enough group, are forced to leave US territory. Conditions are being created under which we cannot take advantage of the already negotiated quantitative parameters, and in this regard, the Americans, of course, violate the agreements that existed, “Klimov said.

The Senator also noted that Washington has no desire to resolve this conflict and come to normal interaction of the diplomatic services of the United States and Russia, and called it a problem.

Earlier, the representative of the US State Department Jalina Porter said that the departure of 54 Russian diplomats, scheduled for 2022, should not be considered as their expulsion or a punitive measure. In response, Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, accused the United States of deliberately distorting the facts regarding the requirement for Russian diplomats to leave the country, saying that Washington was actually expelling diplomats.