The doctor called the body temperature dangerous for driving

Therapist Zvonkov: with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees and above it is dangerous to drive

Physician Andrei Zvonkov, in an interview with Sputnik radio, said that driving in a sick state can be dangerous both for the driver himself and for those around him.

“The situation is epidemic, so any temperature is a suspicion of an inflammatory process and COVID-19. This is an unpredictable disease, a person can feel good now, and lose consciousness in half an hour, ”he said. The specialist urged not to drive with a temperature.

According to him, a dangerous body temperature for driving is 37.5 degrees and above. “Until then it is still tolerable, but if there is a tendency for growth, then you can get behind the wheel from 37.2 degrees, and get home from 38.5 degrees,” he said.

Zvonkov also added that one should measure the temperature and pressure every time before getting behind the wheel, since you cannot focus only on your feelings. “A sick person cannot adequately assess his condition. He can hypertrophy or underestimate it, “the doctor said.

Previously, therapist Elena Chernenko said that during COVID-19, the fever can last up to ten days. “It is very important to understand whether [temperature] is getting lost and whether it is decreasing. If it grows by the seventh or eighth day, an urgent examination by a doctor is necessary and hospitalization is possible, “the doctor said.