Special services gained access to data of users of WhatsApp and Facebook

Rolling Stone: US intelligence agencies have access to WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook

US intelligence agents, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI), gained access to sensitive data of users of platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and iMessage. As the Rolling Stone publication explains, it is allowed to clarify any information of interest after receiving the corresponding order.

The journalists of the publication published a document at their disposal called “Legal Access”, which discloses the procedure for law enforcement agencies to obtain personal data of users of these platforms … According to the information of the internal management of the FBI, for this, the representatives of the authorities need to obtain a judicial authorization.

Thanks to the mentioned document, the special services can find out about all the contacts of the WhatsApp client, as well as determine the circle of persons who entered it in their notebooks. In addition, in this way you can get data on calls and correspondence, and this information will be updated every 15 minutes. It is noted that a WhatsApp representative in an interview with reporters confirmed the existence of such a procedure.

Earlier, cybersecurity specialist from India Athul Jayaram warned WhatsApp users that their personal data was at risk of leakage. According to him, the Click to Chat function was to blame for the insecurity of the data of the messenger users.