Sber opened registration for the first digital design conference

All the most relevant about design: registration for SberDesign Conf has started

Sber will hold its first digital conference on design – SberDesign Conf. It will be devoted to design in all its manifestations and in the broadest sense of the word: design of digital products, physical environment, industrial design, design from the point of view of psychology and perception by different types of thinking, architectural, musical design and many other areas. SberDesign's press service reported this to

SberDesign Conf will be of interest to the widest audience: both design professionals and everyone who loves stylish products and services and want to know how they are created. You can register for the conference and watch its sessions for free on the SberDesign Conf website.

“We specifically studied why customers value Sberbank and determined that one of the fastest growing criteria for our brand is Sberbank as a design company. It is important for customers that the products they use correspond to all design trends, are fashionable – and at the same time organic and comfortable. Design is just about that. We strive to form a community of like-minded people who, together with us, think about where design as an industry will develop, and to involve as many interested people as possible in this community. Also, the goal of the conference is to provide access to unique, interesting content that will inspire people to take the next step – to go into design, to develop in this area, ”said Vladislav Kreinin, Senior Vice President, Director of the Marketing and Communications Department of Sberbank.

The speakers of the multidisciplinary SberDesign Conf will be leading Russian and international experts in the creative industries, as well as top managers and specialists from Sberbank and ecosystem companies. Vladislav Kreinin, Senior Vice President, Director of the Marketing and Communications Department of Sberbank, will share his vision of design during various sessions of the conference; David Rafalovsky, CTO of Sberbank Group, Executive Vice President; Ross Lovegrove, internationally renowned artist and industrial designer; Klim Shipenko, director of Russia's highest-grossing film, The Kholop, who recently returned from space; Grammy laureate Imanbek; famous director and producer Timur Bekmambetov; popular designer Karim Rashid; the founder of the UX-design discipline Jacob Nielsen and other experts of national and international level.

The conference will consist of 15 panel sessions: “Design of Everything” (opening session); Digital Avatar “Product design”; CGI (computer-generated imagery); CX/UX research (customer experience research); VR (virtual reality, virtual reality); “Type design”; “Architecture”; “Design Systems”; “Design Management”; Sound Design; “History of Design”; “Communication design”; Fashion (fashion); “Industrial design”.