Russians will be protected from the debts of deceased relatives

The State Duma offered to protect Russians from the credit debts of deceased relatives which is designed to protect Russians from the debts of deceased relatives. Parlamentskaya Gazeta writes about this with reference to the author of the initiative of the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Development of Tourism Infrastructure, a member of the United Russia party, Natalya Kostenko.

The deputy spoke about cases when, after the onset of disability or death the insured borrower, banks make claims against him or his heirs instead of contacting the insurance company directly. This is due to the fact that after the death of the borrower, the bank may not know about the insurance contract, and the law does not oblige to verify its existence. “As a result, it turns out that the credit organization may not check the information and not indicate in the pre-trial claim or claim, in addition to the heirs, the insurance company,” Kostenko said. The relatives of the deceased have to pay other people's debts at their own expense.

If the amendment is adopted, banks will have to demand the insurer to reimburse the loan within 10 days after the occurrence of the insured event. If the insurance company does not fulfill its obligations, the bank has the right to go to court to recover the required amount.

At the end of November, the Central Bank proposed introducing the possibility of taking credit holidays at any time. Now the final decision on granting a grace period rests with banks, which do not always meet customers. The Central Bank called on legislators to support this initiative.