Residents of a European country conceived to be fined for refusing to vaccinate

Die Presse: Austrian residents are going to be fined up to 7200 euros for refusing to vaccinate … The publication Die Presse writes about this with reference to the bill on the introduction of compulsory vaccination against COVID-19, which is being developed by the government of a European country. The official document will be presented only in a week, but local journalists have already been able to get access to it.

Those who do not want to get vaccinated face a fine of 3600 euros, and for refusing to pay it, you can go to prison for four months. For repeat offenders, the amount of the fine will double – up to 7200 euros.

It is assumed that vaccination against coronavirus will become mandatory in Austria from February 2020. The requirement will apply to all residents of the country, except for pregnant women, children under 12 years of age and those for whom vaccination is contraindicated for medical reasons. However, before this, the project must be approved by both chambers of the Austrian parliament.

Earlier, the idea to introduce fines for refusing to vaccinate against COVID-19 in Russia was appreciated by President Vladimir Putin. He stressed that the rate of vaccination should be increased without administrative pressure. In addition, the head of state called on the deputies to conduct educational work and appear in the media. It is necessary to explain to the Russians all the benefits associated with the prevention of coronavirus, Putin added.



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