Radical journalist nominated for the presidency of France

Right-wing journalist Eric Zemmour nominated for the presidency of France post of the President of France. He announced this during a speech broadcast on his YouTube channel.

“I decided to run for the presidency,” the publicist said.

Currently on the list of candidates the post of head of state, whose elections will be held in France in April 2022, already includes more than 40 people. At the same time, the current French leader Emmanuel Macron has not officially announced his candidacy for a second term.

As RIA Novosti notes, according to the results of a recent poll by Elabe, at the moment 12-15 are ready to support Zemmur in the first round of elections. percent of voters. At the same time, 25-27 percent of citizens are ready to vote for Macron, and 20-22 percent are ready to vote for the leader of the conservative National Unity Party and deputy of the French National Assembly Marine Le Pen.

Zemmour is known as a supporter of right-wing political views. In particular, he advocates the forced return of migrants from France to their countries of origin, as well as the abolition of the right to obtain French citizenship by birth in the country.