Putin questioned the pace of global economic recovery due to omicron strain

President Putin: the pace of global economic recovery is questionable due to the omicron strain

the wave of morbidity caused by the omicron strain of coronavirus, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Russia Calling! investment forum. He is quoted by RIA Novosti.

The head of state said that the COVID-19 pandemic has a great impact on investment, business, cooperation ties and the entire global economy. “I would like to note that it – the economy – is gradually recovering, but the pace of this recovery was, of course, again in question. And the reason is well known to everyone – this is another wave of the disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus, “he added.

Earlier in November, Putin did not rule out new measures to support citizens, based on available opportunities. The President also recalled the previously adopted measures of social support for citizens with low incomes, including one-off payments to pensioners and families with school-age children.

The newest strain of COVID-19 B.1.1.529 was identified in South Africa … According to the World Health Organization, it may affect more people around the world, including those with other strains, and existing vaccines may not be effective.