Psychiatrist revealed the dangers of antidepressants

Psychiatrist Savenko: taking antidepressants without a doctor's prescription leads to anxiety and suicide the use of antidepressants is dangerous. According to him, self-administration of such drugs without a doctor's prescription threatens to disrupt the physical and spiritual condition of a person, writes URA.RU.

Savenko stressed that antidepressants should be prescribed by a “narrow specialist” – a psychiatrist. According to him, it is important to know the contraindications for taking specific drugs, since the combination of psychotropic drugs is “a whole complex science.” The expert revealed the danger of antidepressants: their use in some cases leads to anxiety and suicide.

“Depression is fraught with suicidal risks and extreme actions, when a person in such a state of mind can meet danger. There are latent, hidden, disguised depressions under the guise of something harmless, somatic, ordinary. And self-medication can blur the picture even for a narrow specialist, “Savenko explained.

Family psychotherapist Natalya Naumova added that addiction to antidepressants occurs in a month, since a smooth entry and exit from these drugs is required. Otherwise, sleep disorders, additional anxiety, unfounded fears and relaxation can appear, leading to a loss of motivation. “If the patient gets scared and tries to abruptly abandon the drug, various mental disorders may begin,” the specialist emphasized.

Earlier, Russians were warned of panic attacks after the coronavirus. According to the head physician of the Alekseev Psychiatric Clinical Hospital No. 1 (known as “Kashchenko”) Georgy Kostyuk, these problems are reversible after COVID-19, so they can be quickly resolved with medical help.



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