Political analyst assessed the likelihood of placing nuclear weapons in Belarus

Political analyst Asafov: Russia will never return nuclear weapons Lukashenka the fact that nuclear weapons will be deployed in Belarus. According to him, Russia will never return nuclear weapons to the head of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, if only because at this stage there is no sense in this anymore – domestic hypersonic weapons reach all the necessary targets in five minutes. The expert added that Lukashenka's motivation is clear: he wants to give himself importance as the president of a power that poses a military threat.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that he would propose to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to return nuclear weapons to the republic if similar NATO systems were to be found in Poland. He also noted the readiness of Belarus for such a scenario. “I, as a zealous, excuse me, owner, did not destroy anything. All the “sheds” are standing still, ”the head of state concluded.

“ We don’t need ”

Asafov drew attention to the fact that the answer to Lukashenka’s proposal had already been given by Putin during his speech today. And it clearly follows that no help from Belarus is required in this matter.

“Putin said that our new sea-based hypersonic weapon is capable of reaching any point, any missile control centers, wherever they are. For example, when deployed in Ukraine, the hypersound time to us is five minutes. So the deployment of weapons on the territory of Belarus is not planned, “the analyst said.

The political scientist believes that Lukashenka has perfectly learned the lessons of Iran, North Korea, partly Turkey: when a country poses a military danger, they talk to it, they fear it. Now, no one talks to Lukashenka.

“An excellent example of North Korea, when a fierce confrontation ends with a historic summit. Lukashenka here deliberately speaks about this military part of international politics, since this will increase his involvement in it, and they will begin to pay attention to him. After all, he tries to interpret even the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border in terms of strengthening NATO's positions. So this statement by the president is exactly in the same direction, but Russia still does not see any point in returning nuclear weapons to him. We don’t need it, ”Asafov concluded.

In July 1993, Belarus officially joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), voluntarily abandoning the systems left over after the collapse of the USSR. In response, Great Britain, Russia and the United States provided Minsk with security guarantees, fixing their obligations in the Budapest Memorandum. The withdrawal of nuclear weapons from the territory of Belarus was completed in November 1996.



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