Moldova accused of violating the law when paying off debt to Gazprom

The ex-President of Moldova accused the authorities of using an illegal scheme to pay off the debt when repaying a debt to Gazprom. According to him, an illegal scheme was used to pay off the debt, RIA Novosti quotes him.

in the interests of the authorities, ”he said. Dodon recalled that in the history of the country no one allocated $ 75 million to a private company, and Moldovagaz is just such a company.

The former president believes that budget money went to pay off the debt to the Russian monopolist, but the problem of debts “Moldovagaz” itself has not been resolved. Dodon is confident that in this way the country's residents were driven into a dead end, and the mistake would be very costly.

On November 22, Gazprom warned Moldova that it would stop gas supplies if the republic did not pay the October debt within 48 hours and November. As a result, the payment was postponed until November 26, at the same time the debt was repaid. Moldovagaz was unable to find a commercial solution to pay the debt, which is why the government needed help. The company had no money, as it bought gas at a price of $ 790 per thousand cubic meters, and the tariff included a much lower amount.