Lavrov accused the West of replacing democracy with his diktat

Foreign Minister Lavrov: the organization of the “Summit of Democracies” implies the right of the United States to dictate

partners to dictate their understanding of democracy. The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, accused the White House of neglecting the basic UN principle of the sovereign equality of states, TASS reports.

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According to the diplomat, the list of 110 countries, determined by the administration of US President Joe Biden, “raises a huge number of questions.” Lavrov stressed that the United States has effectively arrogated to itself the right to determine which country is democratic and which is not.

“Before teaching others how to organize their democracy, let's talk about democracy in international relations. The West does not accept it and replaces it with its own dictate, “the Foreign Minister concluded.

Earlier, the first deputy representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, predicted that the” Summit for Democracy “organized by the United States could lead to the undermining of the UN and cause new disagreements and problems. According to him, history teaches that when some countries are lenient towards others and try to instruct them, nothing good comes of it.

On November 24, the US Department of State invited to the Summit for Democracy, which will be held December 9-10 via videoconference, 110 countries and territories. At the same time, Russia, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and a number of other countries, including the traditional allies of the United States, are absent from the list of invitees.



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