In Perm, police found 200 thousand liters of deadly anti-freeze

Perm police officers seized 200 thousand liters of deadly non-freeze during a raid

Perm police officers found and seized over 200 thousand liters of non-freeze, which included methanol. This liquid can be deadly and the use of methanol is prohibited by law. This was reported on Tuesday, November 30, to by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

According to the agency, a dangerous non-freeze was found during Operation Alcohol, which is taking place in the Perm Territory. On the territory of one of the warehouses in the Perm industrial zone, the police found a company that made antifreeze with methyl alcohol, but it was not mentioned on the label of the final product.

The police closed this production, in addition to finished products, they seized several tanks with alcohol and accounting documents. And also closed the point of sale, which contained about 30 thousand liters of this windshield washer.

Earlier it was reported that at a party in Kazan, 15 students were poisoned with alcoholic cocktails after they mistakenly used an anti-freeze solution instead of alcohol. there was methyl alcohol. All of them were hospitalized, one girl died after several days in a coma.