Found unexpected benefits of forest fires

The Science Times: Ignitions Can Strengthen Ecosystems According to The Science Times, some fires can maintain the balance of the ecosystem and help to strengthen it.

These are controlled fires of forests – according to ecologists from the Smithsonian Institute for Conservation Biology, they can prevent more destructive and large-scale fires … The researchers noted that many animals and plants have evolved so much that they have become addicted to periodic fires.

However, large uncontrolled fires are still harmful to the planet – they account for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. In addition, they disrupt biomass reserves and affect living things. Dead and withered trees and other forest “debris” such as fallen leaves often support the fire.

Experts believe that the situation can be balanced by more fires of low and medium severity. Controlled fires, carefully planned and conducted with strict safety measures, will help clear the forest of so-called “tree corpses”. Due to intentional fires, it will be possible to clear the territory for the normal functioning of plants and animals.

Roslesinforg experts also saw the benefits of fires. Experts considered the damage from ground fires exaggerated and said they were accelerating forest renewal. Experts noted that a significant part of the forest is able to recover without human help – if the fire covers 10 hectares of forest, this will not mean that the entire forest will die. It takes up to 15 years to renew a completely burnt area.



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