Five Russian-language schools in Tajikistan cost Russia a large sum

Russia will spend $ 150 million on the construction of Russian-language schools in Tajikistan

Russia will spend up to $ 150 million on the construction of Russian-language schools in Tajikistan. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexei Overchuk spoke about the costs of building institutions during his visit to the republic, Sputnik reports.

The Russian delegation is holding a series of talks in Tajikistan. Representatives of the parties have already signed an education agreement, which provides an opportunity for Russian teachers to teach in Tajikistan. And by September 1, 2022, five Russian-language schools should open in the Central Asian republic, each of which cost the Russian side a large sum.

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Educational institutions will appear in the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, as well as in the cities of Kulyab, Bokhtar, Tursun-Zade and Khujand. Each of the schools will be able to accept up to 1,200 students, and the teaching staff will consist of Russian and Tajik teachers.

“Of course, the curriculum will be adapted to the needs of Tajikistan, but it will be a Russian program. It will be a joint team and the children will receive a good quality education, “Overchuk said.

Earlier, Russia offered Tajikistan to help Tajikistan free of charge in strengthening the defense capability of the southern border, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko. Help was offered against the backdrop of the coming to power of the Taliban ( Taliban, an organization recognized as extremist and banned in Russia ) in neighboring Afghanistan.



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