Europe's main economy sees record price increases

Inflation in Germany is at its highest since 1992, reaching 5.2 percent , Deutsche Welle reports, citing official data. The inflation rate amounted to 5.2 percent in November in annual terms, which was the highest level since 1992.

At the same time, on a monthly basis, the rise in prices decreased by 0.2 percent. In October, inflation in annual terms was 4.5 percent.

Energy (22.1 percent per year), food (4.5 percent) and services (2.8 percent) are indicated as the main drivers of price growth. ).

Manufacturing inflation is higher than consumer inflation. In October, it was 18.4 percent against 14.2 percent in September, a record increase since 1951. On a monthly basis (October to September), consumer inflation was 3.8 percent. There is no official data for November on consumer inflation yet.

As the main reasons, analysts also name the rise in energy prices for industrial consumers (by 12.1 percent), metals (37.8 percent), steel and ferroalloys (56, 4 percent), non-metallic secondary raw materials (91.8 percent).