Dr. Myasnikov named the only “weapon” against the omicron strain

Doctor Myasnikov about the omicron strain of coronavirus: the only weapon is vaccination strain of coronavirus. He wrote in his Telegram channel that vaccination is such a weapon.

According to the doctor, the penetration of the omicron strain into Russia cannot be prevented, you can only delay it. Myasnikov also noted that it is impossible to prevent the next wave of COVID-19 at the end of winter.

“What we must and can do is to calculate the near future. (…). During the war, the headquarters carefully calculate the sanitary losses of the operations presented. On the offensive, some, on the defensive, others. Prepare sanitary services in advance. So, our only weapon is vaccination. Apparently the omicron will greatly weaken this weapon. In the conditions of lazy, voluntary vaccination in our country, this can be very, very fraught, “the doctor wrote.

Myasnikov urged to be prepared for the daily number of infected people by the end of February at 50-80 thousand. “Here is the main idea – there will be a wave, and today, now, we need to prepare for it tightly and seriously. And the time of negotiation-persuasion is over! Otherwise, in the spring we will again set anti-records, and very, very sad ones, ”the doctor concluded.

Earlier, Myasnikov warned about the inevitability of the omicron strain spreading in Russia. According to the doctor, it is necessary to prepare for the next wave now. He noted that there is time to prepare, as the current wave of COVID-19 incidence has declined. The doctor urged the authorities not to intimidate the population with “apocalyptic scenarios”, but to carefully work out an action plan in the fight against the new strain.



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