Dr. Myasnikov named the only way to protect against the omicron strain

Dr. Myasnikov: revaccination is the only way to protect against the omicron strain coronavirus in an interview with the “Public News Service”, according to RIA Novosti.

“Protection is only the third vaccination. Because in the elderly, protection after the vaccine against the delta strain works for 60-70 percent of patients, and with an omicron, it may work for 20-30 percent. It is not enough. Therefore, a revaccination is needed, ”he said. According to the specialist, correction of vaccines is probably necessary.

The doctor added that any subsequent mutation of the coronavirus infection will be more infectious than the previous one, and this development of events is normal for the evolution of the virus. However, he does not exclude the possibility that the new variants of COVID-19 will be more easily tolerated than the delta strain.

A new strain of coronavirus, code B.1.1.529, was identified in South Africa on November 11. The first confirmed cases of infection were recorded on November 24. The strain was named with the Greek letter “omicron” and have already managed to recognize its danger at the WHO level.



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