Cyprus plans to tighten coronavirus measures for tourists

Cypriot authorities plan to introduce PCR tests for coronavirus at all airports in the country

the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus omicron. This was reported on Tuesday, November 30, by TASS with reference to the Minister of Health of the Republic, Michalis Hadjipandelas.

“As for additional measures, we have agreed with experts on the mandatory conduct of PCR tests at all airports,” said the head The Ministry of Health and added that it is also planned to introduce PCR and rapid testing at all points of entry into the country, in ports and marinas.

It is noted that currently the question of whether to undergo a study on COVID 19 or not, applies only to unvaccinated persons and depends on the epidemic category of the country from which the tourist came.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian woman had a rest in Tunisia, having spent 97.5 thousand rubles on a trip for three, and named it budget alternative to the resorts of Greece and Cyprus. “If you mix Greece and Cyprus, and then add a pinch of France, you get Tunisia,” the traveler emphasized.