Crimea predicted a long housing shortage

In Crimea, 11 million square meters will have to be built to eliminate the housing shortage

The high housing shortage in Crimea will remain for a long time. To eliminate it, it will be necessary to build about 11 million square meters of residential real estate, the sales director of one of the local construction companies Artur Dubrovsky told RIA Novosti.

As the expert noted, Crimea and Sevastopol are among the anti-leaders of Russian regions in terms of provision of housing: if on average in the country this figure exceeds 24 square meters, then on the peninsula it does not reach 19 “squares”.

Despite the shortage of housing, Dubrovsky predicted stabilization of the price situation in the Crimean real estate market: a sharp rise in prices , according to him, there will be no more, and the cost of square meters will grow within the limits of inflation. “Some instability of the national currency, which is now observed, will only cause a short-term increase in sales,” he said.

Earlier, a real estate specialist from one of the Crimean real estate companies Anna Kostina said that since the beginning of 2021 real estate in Crimea has risen in price by an average of 25-35 percent, depending on the segment, and the upward trend in prices will continue next year.