Constitutional Court convicted Zelensky of trying to violate Ukrainian laws

KSU refused to appoint judges proposed by the President of Ukraine Zelensky , whose candidacies were proposed by the President of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, according to the website of the judicial authority.

This decision was made due to the lack of vacancies in the CCU under the quota of the head of state. The court convicted Zelensky in an attempt to violate Ukrainian laws: according to article 148 of the Constitution of the state, 18 judges appointed by the leader of the state, parliament and the congress of judges (six people each) can be included in the Constitutional Court.

The President at various times has already appointed six judges. Among them are Sergey Golovaty, Viktor Kolesnik, Vasily Lemak, Vladimir Moisik, Alexander Kasminin, as well as Alexander Tupitsky, whose powers have not expired yet.

The court recalled that the inclusion of two more judges in the Constitutional Court would lead to illegal an increase in the composition of up to 20 members, as well as the illegitimacy of the body's activities. Citizens were reminded that the activities of the Constitutional Court must comply with the requirements of the European standards established by the Strasbourg Court.

Earlier, six judges of the Constitutional Court blocked the session of the Grand Chamber of the Court, which is responsible for making final decisions on the submissions of the Verkhovna Rada deputies on the constitutionality of laws.



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