Best TV series of the year named

Squid Game Wins Gotham Awards of the year according to the independent Gotham Awards. This is reported by Variety.

Squid Play won an award in the show-related category for episodes exceeding 40 minutes. Among the series with shorter episodes, the project “Reservation Dogs” won.

The winner in the “Best Picture” category was Maggie Gyllenhaal's film “Unknown Daughter”. The film also won Best Screenplay, and Gyllenhaal herself was honored in the category “Major Breakthrough Among Directors.” Olivia Colman, who played in the film, received the award in the category “Best Lead Role”. A similar prize was awarded to Frankie Faison for his role in the project “The Assassination of Kenneth Chamberlain.” p>

On November 23, it became known that the horror series Call of Hell displaced The Squid Game from the first line in the list of the most viewed projects of the streaming service Netflix. Director Yong Sang Ho's “Call of Hell” topped the top in over 80 countries 24 hours after its premiere. According to the plot of the series, monsters hunt for sinners who know the day and hour of their death, and send them to hell.