A skier crashed into a tree and was hospitalized with a hole in his leg

French skier Theo was hospitalized with a hole in his leg after a fall during training

French skier Adrien Theo suffered a hole in his leg after a fall while preparing for the super giant slalom competition in Colorado, USA. This is reported by The Sun.

Theo said that he made a mistake while descending from the track and flew out of it, where he crashed into a tree. The athlete received a fracture of the tibia, an injury to the arm with a ruptured triceps. In addition, a tree branch pierced his leg, resulting in a so-called hole in his thigh. The skier was hospitalized, he was operated on twice.

“I was very lucky, given the circumstances, nothing vital was hurt, and this is the most important thing,” the athlete said and thanked the doctors and family for their help and support. He also apologized to coaches and sponsors for not being able to compete in the near future.

Theo is a bronze medalist at the 2015 World Championship, a participant in the Olympic Games in Vancouver and Sochi, and a winner of three World Cup stages.



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