A new strain of coronavirus discovered in Japan

Kyodo: Japan's Narita Airport detects first case of omicron COVID strain of coronavirus. This is reported by the Japanese agency Kyodo.

A man who had previously flown in from Namibia (a state in South Africa) became a patient with the omicron strain in Japan. First, he was diagnosed with a coronavirus, but as a result of additional tests, doctors identified a new variant of COVID.

Earlier it became known that Japan had banned all foreigners from entering the world due to the appearance of the omicron strain in the world. The order of the Prime Minister of the country, Fumio Kishida, took effect on November 30. The restriction is planned to be lifted after full information about the new mutation of the coronavirus infection is received.

Also, since December 1, Japan will cancel the relaxed quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated citizens and foreigners with long-term visas or residence permits (residence permit) … The requirement for mandatory quarantine for three days in a special hotel for entering the country is also returned.