19-year-old blogger complained about her mother overshadowing her beauty

The American showed her mother, whose appearance, in her opinion, overshadows her beauty which, in her opinion, overshadows her own beauty. The Sun reporters drew attention to the corresponding video on TikTok.

19-year-old Jess from Florida, known under the nickname jessfiorillo, posted a video on the social network, in the beginning of which she shows her face in close-up. “Why is my mom more beautiful than me?” – read the inscription superimposed on the frames.

Next, the girl showed her parent Jill. The woman posed in a white jumpsuit with a cleavage and loose blond hair on the open veranda of the building. “Jill is the best MILF,” Jess signed her post, but did not indicate the exact age of her mother.

The American video went viral and gained about 10 thousand views. Netizens began to speculate about the appearance of both heroines of the material. “It's simple … She is confident, and you still have to work on it”, “The genes were diluted”, “It's not true, she looks cheap, while you have natural beauty,” they mused.

In November, a mother with many children from St. Petersburg, Ksenia Davydova, was recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world. Davydova is a public relations specialist by education. She leads an active social life, in particular, she organized a charitable project to help families with children who are in a difficult situation. A Petersburg woman is raising an eight-year-old daughter and two sons, four and two years old.