Virologist predicted the behavior of the omicron strain in countries with a large number of vaccinated

Chumakov: the situation with the omicron strain will be mild in countries with herd immunity Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Pyotr Chumakov predicted the behavior of the omicron strain in countries with a large number of people vaccinated against coronavirus. His words are reported by URA.RU.

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“In those countries in which collective immunity has been formed, it will be softer,” the specialist suggested. According to him, the situation should be monitored, first of all, in those countries where the majority of citizens were vaccinated. He cited Israel as an example. “It will be significant how it will spread there, because in Israel a very large percentage of the population was vaccinated. In addition, many people have already received a booster, that is, the third dose of the vaccine, “he explained.

Earlier, Pavel Volchkov, head of the MIPT genomic engineering laboratory, named the probable cause of the omicron strain. In his opinion, it could arise due to the mass treatment of people in South Africa with plasma from COVID-19.

The WHO announced a high risk of infection with the omicron strain of coronavirus in people who had previously had COVID-19. At the same time, they noted that information on this matter is still “limited”.



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