USA predicted decay and chaos

American analyst Best: the moment will come when Americans will want to escape from the USA interview with Kupředu do minulosti.

Best stressed that Western countries have begun to engage in self-destruction. He noted that the main problem for the United States is the obsession with hegemony. According to him, the American authorities are confident that no state can surpass the United States in the military, political and economic spheres.

At the same time, the moment will soon come when the Americans want to flee the country, but it will be too late, so how the borders will be closed, Best said. “Chaos will most likely come, and then, perhaps, a totalitarian regime or the rule of a strong hand. I don’t know exactly how events will develop, but everything is heading towards this, ”he said.

Best added that this could happen either because of the situation with coronavirus infection, or because of the threat of sides of Russia and China. In his opinion, the United States will disintegrate and a new state will emerge.

Earlier it became known about the risks of the United States of losing strategic power because of Russia. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the energy crisis allowed Moscow to find additional levers of pressure on the world stage.



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