Ukraine called the timing of the visit of IAEA inspectors to Donbass

Oleksiy Arestovich: the visit of IAEA inspectors to Donbass is expected by the end of the year on nuclear energy (IAEA) to the territories of Donbass not controlled by Kiev. Interfax-Ukraine reports this.

“There is a preliminary agreement for the visit of IAEA inspectors until the end of this year,” said Arestovich, who is also the speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on resolving the situation in Donbass.

He stressed that he could not yet announce a specific date for the visit. “We are waiting for guaranteed confirmation of all parties in the TCG,” Arestovich explained.

The adviser noted that any international organization is primarily interested in the safety of its employees.

“They appealed when the ceasefire was still observed. They decided to give it a try. Now there is hope for stabilization in Donbass in the foreseeable future – two years, “Arestovich said.

In October 2020, then Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexei Reznikov said that at the Yunkom mine, which is self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), in 1979 “the Soviet government carried out a nuclear explosion – 0.3 kilotons of TNT.”

“After the explosion, the radioactive capsule was left in a dry state and water was pumped out of the mine to exclude the ingress of radiation to the surface and into the groundwater, ”Reznikov said. However, according to him, pumping was stopped two years ago, and radioactive water began to flow “into the drinking horizons.